Light/Opening of the performance

Opening of the performance –

Complete blackout with the music playing (Last Lesson (20/3/18)– we discussed using a well know piece of music) as the audience enter in complete darkness -adjusting their eyes to the darkness.

Music can build so its too loud and then cut off abruptly.

Flash light on audience member’s eyes.. this will make them feel as uncomfortable – being true to the original performance.

Ticking fades in – as in the ticking had already started as we are half way through a conversation already.




Class notes 15/3/18

Handed in HW and discussed notes and ideas.

Molly was absent

Craig and Trafford found images for ideas – charcoal drawing. The whole group liked this idea. This involves the stage floor being covered in lining paper/wallpaper and charcoal would be added to it as the production goes on – this could be a way to recreate the numbers found later in the script?

Related image


Katelin likes the ideas of feathers

Craig and Trafford had found a range of images. We talked about using the mirror at the back of the dance studio?

Other ideas we have already discussed

  • Pill bottles in a circle on the floor.
  • Wearing all white? Grey?


Trafford and Shantel were give the role of directing. Trafford has a vision of the doctors all talking about the victim as if she isn’t there. He wants to try some DV8 style movement where the victim is ‘blocked’ by the doctors. This could be used alongside a chant of the medicine names? Shantel was asked to co-direct as she seemed to ‘get’ exactly what Trafford meant!

Katelin is going to try to play the victim. Lots of experimenting with lifts. Using ideas from the Frantic Assembly workshop.

Music used today – Evanescence – Bring Me To Life




Physical theatre created today –

Circle of doctors (T, A, C, S) and Katelin trying to break in. Initially she moves around the closed group clockwise. Flat palms used to push her out. She travels in the direction of each push. After she breaks through between Shantel and Trafford Craig closes the circle and they doctors hunch in. Katelin beats on their shoulders. Eventually reaching T who spins around and grabs her wrist. Then grabs the other one. S and C moce around her to prepare for a ‘jet pack lift’. This is used to move us into the main movement where K is lifted up and laid on the backs of S and A.

Text work –

T, S and A worked on the opening. Clock sounds.

A sat back to back with S. S questioning. Clock sounds and A moves with a jolt on each ‘tick’. S circles him, almost accusing, predatory.

K and C worked on page 24.


I think this track from Transformers 5, Do You Realise, by Ursine Vulpine really works.

It’s transcendent yet uncomfortable I think… specifically the middle section.

ALSO: lyrics,  ‘happiness makes you cry’ ‘everyone you know, someday, will die’

Staging dilemmas and physical theatre

This is from a review of a production of 4.48, has some interesting things we could use/think about.

Like the idea of this

It also successfully solved major staging dilemmas, for example turning the dreaded ‘numbers’ scene (in which one section of the script is just a list of random numbers) into a group therapy session with the doctor.

Thing to think about

There were some physical theatre elements to the piece, as expected, and although they did at times feel slightly cliché, did not feel at all jarring with the wider themes of the production and were still interesting to watch.

Reference: Unknown Magazine, 2017