Tuesday 17th April

With the help of Mrs McKeon the lift is sorted for T and C – need to be diagonal when pushed by K.

S and T and A and Mrs J have discussed S’s section – K to be on the floor, S to represent the voice inside the head. S to try engaging and pleading with the audience.

To do –

Multimedia – each one of you needs to create a ppt of images that you want displayed on the screen during your scene…. these need sending to A.


Trafford – you are in charge of the pre-recorded sound…

Pages 24/25

Deadline for multimedia to Adam and sound to be recorded is this Friday – 20th April.



Tuesday 17th April 2018 AJS

All present except Molly.

Started with National Theatre’ ‘Shake Up’ as a warm up.

Discussed work for today’s session. Craig given the task of working on his ‘I am sad’ section with Trafford and Katelin.

Adam and Shantel looked at selecting a section of text for Shantel to be Sarah. Shantel selected a section just after the medication scene. She will work on this over the next couple of lessons.

Watched  a You tube clip of an A level production where three males wearing sack hoods formed sleep positions. Discussed the contrast of silence and sound, stillness and movement.

Adam and Shantel watched Craig, Katelin and Trafford and made suggestions about movement, especially lifts. We discussed a lamp post lift but felt this would be too difficult for Craig to achieve as katelin and tarfford were not very stable.

AJS suggested a lever lift performed by Joe McFadden in Strictly and we watched this on Youtube to get ideas.

Attempted the lift with the support of Mrs McKeon – work to be continued.

Shantel to work on her section and Molly to add timings for her piece when she returns.


Monday 16th April 2018 AJS

Group warm up using National Theatre ‘Shake Up!’

Aim of session was to complete a timed run of all scenes. Partly for review/recap and partly to ascertain whether the piece met the time requirements of Unit 32 and Unit 13.

Adam’s cockroach scene – 1.18 seconds

Clock ticking, dim lighting with shaft of light on cue. Chairs

Craig’s ‘I am sad’ scene  – 47 seconds

Need to choreograph sequence and learn dialogue

Trafford’s ‘Waiting Room’ scene – 4.20

Numbers 12, 21, 58, 100  link to page 16 of symptoms

Cut to conversation on pages10-12 ‘Oh dear, what’s happened to your arm?’

Chairs – need to think of transition sequence to get from this to next scene.

Chair Duet – 1.59

Katelin’s medication scene? Link to page 30 with Molly adding a piece of Contemporary dance set to voice over of ‘All I know is snow and black despair’












Friday 23rd March AJS

Started with National Theatre ‘Shake it’ warm up to energize group.

Ran through chair duet work using text to the point where the four move to the corner.

The corners are patients heading to psychosis.  We had the idea of writing the numbers in a circle on the floor – Adam mentioned a link to technique used in psychiatry – need to investigate.

Lighting dim – use of torch for Shantel.  Clock ticking sound fx.

Bodies move like insects around the patient. Scratching chair with nails.

Experimented with building the insect noise to crescendo during movement sequence.  Adam’s monologue needs work in terms of breathing. Molly suggested Adam focus on vocal expression and sound rather than words.

We discussed the loss of power at the end of the scene and what we could do to keep the intensity. Molly also suggested creating the creature/beetle behind Adam. He can see it but Shantel as the medic, can’t.

Katelin at the head, Trafford – Molly- Craig behind. On the line ‘they knew my name’ the beetle whispers a repetitive underscore of  brother, uncle, father. mother, sister, patient, sibling etc.

Hospital Waiting Room Scene.

Chairs set up on side of stage. Two chairs are passed diagonally , then across to form a rectangle of chairs facing outwards. Two pairs of chairs at the rear on either side.

Trafford enters with cut arm ( centre of leading) Molly enters with legs, Craig and Katelin enter as pregnant couple.  Shantel as medic enters. Trafford reacts every time but is passed up in favour of other patients. Shantel needs to find a way of transitioning between each patient. Group discussed idea of a numbered patient system – using numbers from the psychosis list. Use of a ‘bing-bong’ then ‘number’ 12, 38, 44, 58, 69, 72, 84, 91, 100 Trafford stands and nurse just stares at him.

Chairs are removed.





Light/Opening of the performance

Opening of the performance –

Complete blackout with the music playing (Last Lesson (20/3/18)– we discussed using a well know piece of music) as the audience enter in complete darkness -adjusting their eyes to the darkness.

Music can build so its too loud and then cut off abruptly.

Flash light on audience member’s eyes.. this will make them feel as uncomfortable – being true to the original performance.

Ticking fades in – as in the ticking had already started as we are half way through a conversation already.



Tuesday 20th March

P2 – We showed Mrs J the work done in P1.

Decision made to use a thrust stage.

Triangle chairs for the chair duet scene. Pages 24/25 “I came to you hoping to be healed.”

Mrs J really liked the looks that passed between you when the chair duets partners moved on.

We then looked at the opening.

Black stage. S tohold a torch. A in the spotlight. Others lying on the ground in front of the audience. In the darkness the conversation between A and S takes place. At the mention of cockroaches the bodies rise and ‘scuttle’ towards A. At the point when S puts her hand in front of A’s mouth the lights come on, very bright and the cockroaches scuttle away.


other decisions made…

C to work on page 4 in a ‘DV8 John’ inspired movement sequence – press ups? Gym? Sewing? Painting? Craig to lead.

Pages 10-12 – Why did you cut your arm. M choreographing a hospital waiting room sequence. T is the voice. S is the unsympathetic nurse. Somewhat inspired by Dance Mums.



Class notes 15/3/18

Handed in HW and discussed notes and ideas.

Molly was absent

Craig and Trafford found images for ideas – charcoal drawing. The whole group liked this idea. This involves the stage floor being covered in lining paper/wallpaper and charcoal would be added to it as the production goes on – this could be a way to recreate the numbers found later in the script?

Related image


Katelin likes the ideas of feathers

Craig and Trafford had found a range of images. We talked about using the mirror at the back of the dance studio?

Other ideas we have already discussed

  • Pill bottles in a circle on the floor.
  • Wearing all white? Grey?


Trafford and Shantel were give the role of directing. Trafford has a vision of the doctors all talking about the victim as if she isn’t there. He wants to try some DV8 style movement where the victim is ‘blocked’ by the doctors. This could be used alongside a chant of the medicine names? Shantel was asked to co-direct as she seemed to ‘get’ exactly what Trafford meant!

Katelin is going to try to play the victim. Lots of experimenting with lifts. Using ideas from the Frantic Assembly workshop.

Music used today – Evanescence – Bring Me To Life




Physical theatre created today –

Circle of doctors (T, A, C, S) and Katelin trying to break in. Initially she moves around the closed group clockwise. Flat palms used to push her out. She travels in the direction of each push. After she breaks through between Shantel and Trafford Craig closes the circle and they doctors hunch in. Katelin beats on their shoulders. Eventually reaching T who spins around and grabs her wrist. Then grabs the other one. S and C moce around her to prepare for a ‘jet pack lift’. This is used to move us into the main movement where K is lifted up and laid on the backs of S and A.

Text work –

T, S and A worked on the opening. Clock sounds.

A sat back to back with S. S questioning. Clock sounds and A moves with a jolt on each ‘tick’. S circles him, almost accusing, predatory.

K and C worked on page 24.